Are you not aware of this? It is all about normal partitioning, creating file systems and mounting and not about RAID. I tried overclocking it by just MHz, and instability occurred right away, so I gave up but I think it fried something on the board. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Wow, you still got a working nvidia chipset board?

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Wow, you still got a working nvidia chipset board? I have a XFX i Lt board that still crashes to black screen randomly. Apr 25, 9. The other one sucked, badly. In the raid array I created a partition using the whole available space about 2. IIRC Nvidia got sued for infringing on chip patents Apr 19, 2. May 3, You state there is. I actually did try to get Windows 8 bit on there for fun, but it wasn’t compatible because the Athlon XP didn’t have the appropriate SSE3 instruction set or something.

Nvidia MCP55 Porting Notes

The board just didn’t seem cut out to handle any excess power delivery beyond what the manufacturer had put on it initially. I don’t crazy OC anything just a couple hundred mhz here or there – nothing smbua so they jcp55 great out of box for what I needed. Intel Architecture Day. CaptNumbNutzMay 2, When it does, that is not a problem, But I can not see it exists.

Normaly mount does recognise ext4.

It was basically unusable for the first year of its life until Vista got a few service packs, and I still found myself using the XP machine more often. Apr 20, 5.

Eventually I found that one of the smaller heatsinks on the motherboard was getting burning hot, and that is when the system would freeze. I didn’t really start enjoying the machine until Windows 7 came out, so I only got 2 years out of it. I don’t honestly remember the exact chipset number but it is an nforce.

Asus P5NE SLI Plus – Gentoo Wiki

I have at least 1 here at work still being used mc5p5 a linux fileserver although these days it is a very limited role: Do you remember that for sure? I am mvp55 you had a positive experience but they were bad boards regularly. I’ve had two nForce boards, neither of which lasted until Windows 10 was released.

Replacement boards with decent chipsets were through the roof expensive. Not satisfied from ubuntu I decided to install latest suse distro It didn’t even matter if I had an AMD card at the time either. Anyone get there Nvidia chipset board ruining on Windows 10? So I swapped out the PSU for an Antec unit and it was better, but still lost power during some intense portions of the games.

Log in or Sign up. The fact that it does not here, proves imho that there is no ext4 fs there. I only have one nforce system still in operation, and it is running Windows Results 1 to 10 of Apr 21, 7. If they had not given the broken system to me, I have no doubt that it would be sitting in some landfill right now – that’s probably where it should be.