Xen hypervisor dedicates physical memory for each VM, so you need to have actual free unallocated memory in the hypervisor to start a VM. If the ID of the guest is X, and the device number of the VIF of X for which you want to increase the send queue length is Y see output of xe vif-list for information , run the following command in the host’s control domain:. Our research shows that 8 pairs with 2 iperf threads per pair works well for Debian-based Linux, while 4 pairs with 8 iperf threads per pair works well for Windows 7. Non-Uniform Memory Access is becoming more common-place and more pronounced in modern machines. Fedora 14 includes Xen 4.

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However, older versions of the Xen tools stack lack support loading bzImage files pre-Xen 3. Note that the number of netback threads can be increased. Feel free to experiment and let us know your findings. Generic Xen dom0 backend bits, required by all xen backend drivers.

Or you can use the development version. Furthermore, the impact on dom0 is negligible.

Network Throughput and Performance Guide

Personal tools Create account Log in. At the end in dist folder you will find xen-netbacm. And then in the HVM guest grub. Here is another working example grub.

Fedora 13 and earlier versions ship with Xen 3. If you are saturating CPU cycles in dom0, you could try increasing dom0 memory. Xend has been deprecated as of Xen 4.

Xen Common Problems

Retrieved from ” https: Intel calls this feature xen-netack as “VT-x”. The version is major. The tool xenpm get-cpu-topology is useful here for obtaining CPU topology of the host.

Note that we are not the authors of the above installer. To increase the threshold number of netback threads to 12, write xen-netback.

Core Xen dom0 support no backend drivers yet. Actually there’re more than four VMs but yes two VMs are taking a lot of resources. The easiest way is to use “kpartx” in dom0. You should therefore not use the command xm anymore.

Yes, please see the Remus wiki page for more information. Changing these settings in only relevant if you want to optimise network connections for which one of the end-points is dom0 not a user domain. Some aspects of the kernel configuration have changed:.

Driver Domain – Xen

The reason why irqbalance can help is that it distributes the processing of dom0 -level interrupts across all available dom0 VCPUs, not just looading first one. It works with 3. Make sure you read the troubleshooting section. Fix a lot of bugs: See this email for more information: Many dom0 related bugfixes and improvements.

The key difference is that on receive there is a copy being made: Also remember to set up a getty in the guest for the serial console device, ttyS0, so that you can also xwn-netback from the serial console! In the various tests that we performed, we observed no statistically significant difference in network performance for dom0-to-dom0 traffic.

Therefore, we can disable irqbalanceand perform manual IRQ balancing to that effect.