Internet and Browsing Tips: But we take our hats off for its connectivity, which the Kohjinsha has oodles of. Speaking of connectivity, the Kohjinsha is certainly generous in that aspect. Keyboard testing and size notes from Carrypad tests. Mpeg-4 Video performance is especially good with 2mbps bitrates possible.

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The Geode LX processor is a low performance processor but capable of some surprising results and impressive energy efficiency. Another gripe we had was with the keyboard. We did not really expect the auto-rotate function in the Everun, but having the option for a portrait view is a must for a tablet PC.

The touchpad is proportionate in size to the rest of the machine and surprisingly responsive. Featured Supercharge your iPod Did you know your iPod can view documents, give directions, and even kohninsha you French? Though it is a convertible tablet PC, we found it strange that the rotate feature was disabled.

Kohjinsha SA1F00A SA1F00A specifications and information.

Kohjinshz Kohjinsha has quite a number of dedicated controls, most of them used to replicate a mouse. Screen quality is good and the mouse pointer is very intuitive. See the review for more details. As an aside, some online stores are taking orders for the newer SH1 which runs off a MHz Intel processor and Windows Vista operating system.

Frankly, the x native resolution of its LCD results in the need to scroll sideways for some Web sites and some dialog boxes may also be partially hidden. Kohjinsha Click for Kohjinsha products. Anything longer than a short email or keying in Web addresses is strongly discouraged if you value your sanity. Dell Mini 10 hi-res display. Let’s face it, the MHz chip isn’t going to fare well for gaming or even high bitrate videos.

Games and Gaming Consoles Reviews: Not a big issue as we can easily use a fingernail for cursor control.

Though the keys are not flimsy, touch typing results in several missed characters as one needs to strike the buttons dead center firmly. But the Kohjinsha kohjinaha not meant to be a multimedia creator.

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But we take our hats off for its connectivity, which the Kohjinsha has oodles of. Cell phone accessories Reviews: Pocketables reviews the Kohjinsha SA1. The only choke point we discovered was trying to stream YouTube videos from the site, though by reducing the quality from high to low makes it run a lot smoother. Honestly, the output is barely serviceable for voice and not good enough for your music collection.

We found the brightness controls useful, especially when we were transiting from daylight to shade. Since this unit has Bluetooth built-in, we feel the unit should be paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse combo for any serious work. There are no phone helpline or technical support email, and any hardware issues will have to be resolved by the distributor.

Internet and Mohjinsha Tips: Kohjinsha SA1 shock-resist case solution.

Kohjinsha SA1F00A

Data Evolution ‘Cathena’ branded Kohjinsha. Features of the Kohjinsha SA1 touchscreen edition Ultra Mobile PC At this time, LED-backlit screens tend to be found on high-end machines and offer brighter, more even lighting while reducing power consumption. Hence, users familiar with larger tablet PCs may miss functions such as right-clicking with the stylus and the erasing feature.

Like the LifeBook, the Kohjinsha is a convertible tablet PC which uses a touchscreen rather than an active digitizer display. Even the highly regarded Raon Digital Everun demanded a few hundred dollars more. Ubiquio7.

GearDiary reiew of the SA1. Poor battery life of