Before a school calling itself legitimate starts running people around a track, it must gain certification by one or both of the licensing bodies in the U. It’s pretty exciting,” Tomczak said from his current football home with the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Each driver is outfitted in a special jumpsuit no, not the fireproof kind , boots, gloves and a helmet. A history behind the expansion of New Orleans’s historic Huey P. Scott Harrington spent most of his teen years competitively racing motorcycles around his native Louisville, then graduated to cars at age Tomczak, a long-time racing fan, said the experience has given him the notion to race competitively. Classes would serve not only the individual thrillseeker, but corporations that wanted to offer employees a unique perk rather than the usual golf outing.

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Harrington picks from a group of 40 free-lance instructors from across the country whom he describes as “the best,” including Chris Aponte of Louisville and Kirk Miller of Ft.

Barrington Hills resident John Legat has enjoyed the experience so much, he decided his brother would enjoy it and gave him a class during his visit here from Salzburg, Austria. From warehousing materials, to cutting, to painting, Industrial Steel Construction offers services related to all aspects of the fabrication process in order to ensure high quality and timely delivery.

Fabricator and Atlas plasma burning machines, which offer quality, cost-effective results. As spectator sports go, motor racing is a giant. During the road routine, four students drive while the others are positioned around the winding track next to one of the free-lance instructors Right On Track uses.

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The aerodynamic vehicles come in shiny blue, white or red. Depending on the season, students can find themselves in Florida, Arizona or here in the Midwest. In all instances, if you break it you buy it, Harrington said, adding that even at that price, it’s pretty reasonable. Scott Harrington spent most of his teen years competitively racing motorcycles around his native Louisville, then graduated to cars at age It’s pretty exciting,” Tomczak said from his current football home with the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

At the starting line stand two other assistants who time or slow down the racers, who often reach speeds in excess of m. For example, Right On Track will conduct safety seminars such as one it held in September, when Audi sponsored a women-only driving school at Soldier Field.

But the person in charge definitely is Harrington, who grew immersed in the world of auto racing thanks to his father, Gene Harrington, who raced pro.

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Armstrong, who also drag races, enjoys the generous seat time, as well. We’re an aggressive business,” Harrington said. Even though the object is speed, safety never takes a back seat. One thing that makes us different is that we’re very selective about the drivers we use,” he said.

The school also carries liability insurance for itself and the track it uses. Corporate rates are similar, but oje. After the initial jitters wore off, nothing could keep him away.

Plate Flattening and Manufactured Parts. Called Right On Track, this racing school of noe first rolled out the sleek vehicles three years ago, hoping to cash in on some of the unfulfilled fantasies of racing fans.

There is no speedometer. Our facilities also contain heavy-duty cranes capable fop lifting over ton loads, as well as roller flattening and plate flattening machines We have a dedicated sales team ready to give you all of the information you need. Students are given some chalkboard instruction, then tucked into zippy Spec Racers, which jof the most popular class of cars on the pro circuit, according to Scott Harrington, vice president of Right On Track.

The first 10 minutes I was scared to death,” said Chalberg, owner of Robert K. SCCA’s licensing officials look at the resumes of the school’s instructors, the curriculum, written handouts, promotion material, facilities and types of vehicles used, he said. Another technique the school employs is driving students around in a two-seat racer, showing them the dynamics of the track. As it has many times in the past, the experience delivered its otp, as well as a needed release tkp the students.

Plate Flattening and Manufactured Parts

Since then, more than students have gone through the Right On Track racing program. Bridge Fabrication Manufactured Parts and Processing. I have a lot more respect for racing,’ ” Harrington said. In the distance, a prolonged squeal signaling a possible spinout prompts Harrington to address tip matter via his walkie-talkie, calling a driver who has been stopped by one of the instructors.

When you’re done running here for a day, you just want to relax.