Bag is less than two months old, is in mint condition. A digital zoom of 8x in this HD camcorder lets you comfortably capture distant subjects. Anyone know how I can synchronize the vidio and audio? Jazz DV video camera. Which is longer than most SD cards will hold. I haven’t run the camera completely out yet, but from what I’m reading on forums you can record almost 2 hours straight on one charge. I really cant afford to lose what I recorded.

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Is there something wrong with mine? HD video looks good. Anonymous Yes, see my card tests here: Learn more about our Top Ad feature.

Jazz Elite HDV High Definition Camcorder | eBay

There is a power adapter supplied with it that terminates in mini-usb. If yours doesn’t have that, the I’d probably have the store exchange it.

Jazz DV video camera. That way you can re-encode without disturbing original video, but may work better with the video software you like best.

Search radius km Increase the search radius for more results. Which is longer than most SD cards will hold. The embedded version below is not displayed in HD, You’ll want to click over to the Vimeo site to see their HD version.

Jazz Elite HDV178 High Definition Camcorder

Any help on this? For Blurry pics, which are usually the closer up shots, use macro setting. Check video for details Also check out my other ads for more sports equipment Please; in order to save time to everyone, note: Use Distance Search to find Ads based on where you are and how far you want to travel.

I love the fact that you don’t need to install special drivers to get the video off this camera. JAZZ is one of the finest camcorders available. All Types Offering 11 Featured Ads: Based on the radius, a new location list is generated for you to choose from.

The fixed lens also means that you can only use digital zoom which looks pretty goodbut you aren’t going to get great focus at a distance. When the pics and videos are on my camera they look ok but when uploaded onto the computer they are extremely dark and the quality is the worse I have seen.

Here is a still image taken with the HDV All info is provided here.

You have to open the viewfinder to start the camera. A digital zoom of 8x in this HD camcorder lets you comfortably capture distant subjects. I have a feeling they’d be pretty blurry.

macrogeek: Jazz Elite HDV $99 HD Camcorder Review

There hvv178 textured rubber grips on the whole body. Has anyone had any luck charging this camera and keeping it charged using the included cable? Brand new in packaging. You wont believe it the words came before the pictures. I the same problem.

Increase the search radius for more results. Since the HDV records to SD cards, you never have to find or rewind a tape, and the recordings and pictures are stored in individual files, so you can quickly uazz them and transfer them to your hard drive in any order without having to set up a FireWire connection and scrub an hour of tape for the clip you need.

It’s small enough you can fit it pretty comfortably in your jeans pocket. If having problems hdvv178 converting video, why don’t you just demux and combine in a new avi file.