Locate the driver you uploaded in the list of properties. When the deploy-webapp-pro buildomatic target is executed it copies the JDBC driver to the following default locations:. It is very often the case that a JDBC driver is already present in an application that is running within your network. If you have not yet obtained the driver, click the link for Downloading and Installing Database Drivers. As described in the procedure below, the system admin can add, replace, or remove JDBC drivers through the user interface, without needing to restart the server. If you installed JasperReport Server using the Windows installer, there is a shortcut in the start menu to restart it. The Select Driver dialog appears and notifies you that selecting a driver will overwrite the existing one.

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Test Confirmation Dialog In general, the test can fail for a number reasons, the most frequent of which are: If a driver is displayed in red, the JDBC driver class inetall that driver is not present in the classpath and you must obtain and install the driver before using it.

Go to the Additional Settings section in this file.

When the deploy-webapp-pro buildomatic target is executed it copies the JDBC driver to the following iasperserver locations:. Many databases, including MySQL, also require the user grants to include the specific host from which connections are allowed. Click Submit to save your changes. Products Solutions Services Resources.

Log on as the system administrator superuser on commercial editions, jasperadmin on community editions.

See administering JasperReports Server. As part of the installation procedure buildomatic jasperaerver copy the contents of the jdbc folder to your application server.

As of version 5. JasperReports Server can connect to just about any data source. Configuring Microsoft SQL Server involves many things and enumerating all possible source of issue would be too long to be described here and generally unrelated with JasperReports.

Creating and Using Database JDBC Connections | Jaspersoft Community

Products Solutions Services Resources. If this situation happens, the logs when setup the way described above will show that the server name is passed as the username. The exact cause of the error can be deduced by the stack trace available in the exception dialog box. Additionally, it is standard for the vendor’s website to present a terms of service agreement that will need to be agreed to.

For open source JDBC drivers, buildomatic is setup so that there installl be a single default driver used. Click the Wizard button to create the URL. Extract the downloaded files to an easily accessed location.

Follow the instructions to uncomment the required properties and enable your driver.

The database user that is used within your data source definition should have the appropriate select permissions to query the tables within your database for the reports you wish to generate. The Select Driver dialog appears. To jaspersefver the driver supplied by the database vendor, you can optionally download and install it. How to configure a connection pool for a JNDI data source.

How to add JDBC driver to JasperReports Server

Drivers for other databases can be downloaded from links on the Jaspersoft community website:. You will need it on the next step.

To Stop JasperReports Server:. If two driver jars are used in your application server there can be unknown problems. One potential bottleneck is a datasource that doesn’t offer a connection pool. For more info, see: One thing though which can happen is, in the situation when you use MSSQL setup to use windows authentication credentials and thus you don’t need to pass any username or password in the JNDI connection, you may get a connection failure due to the way the Windows Service which starts JasperReports Server is setup.

Managing JDBC Drivers | Jaspersoft Community

The buildomatic JDBC driver property files are setup to point to a specific driver jar. If you want to add a driver that has not been installed, select it from the list, then click Add Driver.

Log on as the system administrator superuser on commercial editions, jasperadmin on community editions. For more information, see: