With this in mind I’m trying to figure out if this is a Windows 7 problem, a Intel driver problem, a Torqx problem, or if I’m just going nuts over something silly benchmarks being what they are do not reflect real world use Something is going on in Windows, but I just can’t figure out what. Fernando My current System: Here are the download links: Zitat So my answer is: They shouldn’t do that cause the users eventually find out its intentionally “crippled” by the manufacturer to make their products look better.

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Dieter alias Fernando My current System: This always will happen, when you want to replace a a WHQL certified driver or b a newer driver ihc8m an older one. Sun Aug 11, How to benefit from the digital signature of these drivers: System Information Kit Installed: Although I do not really recommend to install any RST e driver from the v14, v15 or v16 platform onto systems with an old Intel chipset, interested users may try them nevertheless.


Which is why some laptops are able to do form factors with components that are normally not supposed to reach that size. The single best reason for SSD is the access time. A feedback regarding the result is much appreciated.

I am on the internet in 35 seconds from a cold boot. Before I used RSTe Each new driver development series works somehow different. When I should realize any issues, I would decide to replace the driver by a product of a previous driver development branch.

To get full benefit from the driver’s digital signature it is necessary to import the related Certificate and to declare it as trustworthy.

AHCI Supported Chipsets

IntelUserAug 19, Is it possible, that older Controller will be “untouched” by newer RSTe-drivers and they have the same functionality as older Vs.? There is no raid-functionality needed, no trim It should be possible to get these drivers installed without any problems no disabling of the “Driver Signature Enforcement” required!

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Mormegil83Aug 19, Users with an older Intel Chipset system should better take a driver, which belongs to the v13 or v14 platform. Here are the most important Intel RST e drivers, which I have “universally modded” and digitally signed for you: When I opened up the info from the Intel Matrix manager I get this: Log in or Sign up.

So my answer is: Your sequential speed shouldn’t matter. I have just a question: Fernando My current System: Zitat General personal statements: TabbedOutAug 19, Now, the thread that Inteel posted above makes it seem that Lenovo crippled the BIOS for the sake of compatibility, but I don’t think this may be the case in my situation and perhaps others as I am getting better speeds outside of Windows 7 Paragon uses a Linux.

So the real question is, to use Intel RST e drivers inrel Fernando Show info Posts:. Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades.

Big thanks to them both!