The naming convention for this file should be as follows: Select to convert and shrink images to fit your selected database platform limit, as shown in the Image Size Limit field. For example, if your display size is set to by pixels, and you open a page designed to display in an by pixel window, the page controls are scaled down so that all page information appears. The Edit Profile dialog box appears. Select the database type to appear as a default on the PeopleSoft Signon dialog box.

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Using PeopleSoft Configuration Manager

Use the Display tab to configure the appearance of the PeopleSoft graphical user interface. For Informix, enter the server name in lowercase. To use this command, enter -noodbc. With this approach, you specify multiple application servers, and each client picks a server randomly. This location must be a directory to which the user ihstalling write access.

Because Crystal Reports does not require local registry settings, you can run Crystal Reports from odbd two-tier client once it has been installed to a shared directory. You can specify a free-form connect string that allows a client to connect to another application server in case another is either down or being used to full capacity.

When you select Use Trace during execution, Crystal Reports writes the trace statements to a log file that you specify in the Trace File field.

The box is clear by default. In addition to overwriting environment settings, this function also overwrites all existing settings made in PeopleSoft Application Designer. The Schema field can be left empty because you are not importing metadata from a schema.

Understanding How to Run Client Setup

You must use the -setup command in conjunction with the -import command if you are setting up a new workstation. Name mismatch between SID name provided in the listener. Use this command when you do not want to install the PeopleSoft ODBC driver on the client workstation when using the -setup command.

Specify display size in pixels. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available.

Understanding How to Run Client Setup

The trace log files are generated in the c: For example, you might enter n: Click Select Workbook to select the Excel file from which you want to extract data. In most cases, you use these controls to prevent users from attempting to sign in onto any database other than the default. Enter the following in peoplesot file: Syntax for PeopleSoft Configuration Manager command line options is as follows:.

The Define Name dialog box is displayed. peoplespft

If multiple application servers are defined within any group, the system round-robins between them. Use this tab to export, or save to file, the specified environment settings, and to import previously exported settings.

Select Hidden to have the window state run unseen in the background. Adds a shortcut for PeopleSoft Configuration Manager, which enables you to edit registry settings relevant to PeopleSoft.

Must begin with init Must end with the extension. Case Study This case study shows you how to use an Excel file called employees.

Enter a default database name. Enter the parent directory that holds your cache file directories. If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. If you are upgrading to a different database platform, select this option and specify the correct value in the Image Size Limit field. Click here to edit contents of this page. This name will appear in the drop-down list box on the PeopleSoft Signon dialog box. However, each database and application server must be assigned to only one profile.