To his family and children: So now I’m sitting here with a computer that can run calc. I actually do want some support. Push F11 at startup. Go figure THAT one out! Could you please elaborate your problem with your machine.

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The solution it offers? Yup, I’ve been all over the website trying to find the drivers for the DVD drive.

It fails to POST. However, to whom I give my hard-earned money will be determined in large part by the response I get to this post. Not even so much as a beep. How you even got here is a complete mystery to me, but to mistake us for HP support is totally baffling.

I did some digging through the unhelpful! Do you want us to offer comments before you send this letter to HP?

409066-001 HP Pavilion Dv5000 Laptop Dvd/rw Combo Drive

At that time, I will undoubtedly be in the market for pavulion computer. I called a second time and the representative slipped up dvf offered me a little bit of help before checking the warranty status. It seems your dvd drive is working quite fine for normal data dvd discs, but you have troubles watching a normal dvd movie on it? Do you think OD makers supply proprietary drivers to the open software community?

HP Pavilion DV (DVEA) Doesn’t read any CD or DVD and – HP Support Community –

Good grief though, he wouldn’t even tell me to try pushing F11 at startup to run system restore! This is an independent site comprised of various tech geeks and newbies alike, but we have no direct ties with Hewlett-Packard or any of their affiliated companies.

I do not expect a brand new motherboard when mine is out of warranty. At any rate, perhaps you need to set your bios to autodetect to ensure it picks up the drive.

HP is, therefore, on shaky ground with this fellow. I also know most of those tools do ddvd exact opposite of that. I also have an old VooDoo computer, a company that was bought-out by HP.

Having had this problem in the past with various products, my experience has taught me that all I need to do is download and re-install the driver specific for the hardware in question. For actually using my computer, though, it’s a hunk of junk.

To his family and children: If ever I need to dvx the first 10, digits of pi, I’m solid.

Perhaps I am mistaken. At some point, all of those products are going to need replacement my wallet is crying now! Perhaps in this day and age only the almighty dollar means something.

My HP Pavilion dv cd/dvd drive quit–need to do a repair – HP Support Community –

I actually do want some support. In this day and age: Push F11 at startup. Let me give you some further background: So now for my question to the Powers that Be on the forum: If you want official support from HP, you should call them back, or head over to their web site. We certainly do not care to hear you ranting and raving about problems which do not concern us. Device Manager is telling me the drives in question are: I promise to behave and be polite with the actual representative.