Each of the computers or Ethernet-ready devices communicate with the access point using radio waves. Checking the hard drive for errors The Error-checking program examines the hard drive for physical flaws and file and folder problems. To adjust the overall volume level using hardware controls: The Advanced Appearance dialog box opens. Slide the power switch to leave Standby mode. Getting Started Using the keyboard Your convertible tablet PC features a full-size keyboard that functions the same as a desktop computer keyboard.

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Many PC Cards use a small amount of power while inserted, even if they are not being used.

Tablet Buttons Driver for Gateway M275

Locate your original program gatweay CDs and installation guides. Full text of ” Gateway Laptop Service Manual: Using this feature will affect battery performance.

Rotation direction arrow 3 Rotate theLCD panel in thedirection of therotation direction arrow until the panel is backwards. For instructions on how to select multiple files and folders, see “Keyboard shortcuts” on page Windows Basics 2 Right-click press the right touch pad button the program that you want to add to the desktop.

Take a network cable if you need to connect to a network. Automated installation of Windows XP. Every M also includes a dedicated slot that supports four types of tiny media cards: Carry proof of ownership or a merchandise passport when traveling internationally.

The following example shows how an access point also lets you access the Internet. The message may help Gateway Technical Support in diagnosing and fixing the problem. Read this chapter to find out how to: Excessive pressure or impact can cause damage to convertible tablet PC components, break the display screen, or otherwise cause malfunctions.

For more information, see “Bottom” on page 7. For more information, see “Activating and using Hibernate mode” on page The Gateway program may have become confused or corrupt, which is why it isn’t agteway correctly. See “Installing a printer, scanner, or other peripheral device” on page 49 for more information about attaching a printer to your convertible tablet PC.

Slide the power switch to leave Standby mode.

Windows Basics Opening a document To view, revise, or print an existing document, first you need to open it. After buttonn this, you can disconnect and reconnect the device at any time. When the battery charge gets low, change the battery or connect to AC power immediately to prevent losing any unsaved work.

Press and hold Fn, then press this system key We’ve changed, we promise. C Change the color or font settings for the item.

You may also like. Display screen Use only your convertible tablet PC’s pen on the display.

Windows returns the deleted files or folders to their original locations. You will hear small buthon sounds as the bezel comes away from your convertible tablet PC. Important If the drive you want to use is not in the modular bay, you need to swap modules. Press the release latch to attach the convertible tablet PC.

Tablet Buttons Driver for Gateway M | PC Review

Use of another type of adapter may create a risk of fire or explosion. Creating folders Folders are much like the folders in a file cabinet. The label is affixed to the main system label. When you use these gestures, you get the same result as pressing the corresponding key on a standard keyboard.

Using the Gateway M Port Replicator Securing your port replicator You can secure your convertible tablet PC and port replicator to an object by using the security ring located on the left side of the port replicator and the Kensington lock slot located on the left side of your convertible tablet PC.