The hooked end of the brush is useful for removing the transfer roller. Remove the screw that holds the rear of the transport guide plate. When the printer is working properly, you can see and hear the following events after the power is turned on: If you are a PostScript user, you should use the PostScript driver supplied with your printer to take full advantage of all the features and performance of the DEClaser printer. Assembly, Low-voltage Power Supply lvpsa 9. Do not bend the sheet metal. Enter select the feature or value displayed.

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Was a PostScript error page printed?

For power and control panel FIPs, see Chapter 6. For image defect FIPs, see Chapter 8. Slide the tray back into the printer.

Printing Documents Printing Documents This chapter describes how to print documents from various host systems and operating environments. Image Defects Lookup 8. Refer to the documentation that came with the drivers for information about changing DECimage Plus features. Stand the printer on the left-side cover, on top of a soft cloth or paper to prevent scratching the cover. It should move freely with no binding.


Selecting a lighter print density will cause text to appear lighter and solid areas in graphics and images may be less uniform. When you replace the right-side cover, pull the cover backwards as in step two ; declsser, the hinges bind. There are four basic parts to the control panel: When a value other decaser these settings is stored in non-volatile RAM by an application program, the current value reads set by host.

Insert the nose of the envelope feeder into the print engine. Disengage the tab from the board. Open the top door and inspect the registration sensor lever. Paper cassette — Envelope feeder 9. Introducing the DEClaser Printer 1— Clean the printer using the following procedure: You will normally want to use manual feed when printing a special job on different media such as labels or transparencies.

Windows 7 DECLaser Print Driver – Microsoft Community

Ethernet Network Board 1. Try moving the cartridge to the opposite slot. Total Call Concept tcc Procedure 5. This thread is locked.

Lcit Wiring Diagram 6. Ms-dos Drivers MS-Windows documentation for additional information about installing and selecting printer drivers. Overall Key Menu Map 3. Size Sensing Declqser 2.


BAT changes have been made, reboot the computer to effect the change. This area must be free of obstructions, adhesive matter, and in good physical condition.

These messages should clear when the user loads the requested size paper or envelope.

Alert conditions do not stop the printer. The 51 error indicates that, for a period of two feclaser or more, the DC control board failed to detect a beam detect signal. Press 3 to continue. Page Table A—9 Cont.