Changed 12 months ago by khallebal. This may not work in bit mode. Xv is generally not fast enough to show HDTV. To solve this someone would need to have a special shutdown sequence for these old machines, but unfortunatly I don’t have the hardware nor the time to test and implement such a solution. Thanks a lot anyway for answering. This will probably be solved by fixing System and Data with Haiku.

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Please don’t duplicate this issue yet though. Visit the Haiku project at https: Cn700/vj800 is my HW: There is no support in the driver for the video capture functionality.

Via Cn/vn Graphics Driver Windows Xp – hongkongfiles

Do you have APM enabled? Opened 12 graphisc ago. Intel Corporation device c: Sorry, but there isn’t a solution that works for all and before it was kind of broken for the normal case newer machines and working in special cases Via, Eee.

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Supported hardware

You will need Mesa 6. Clicking on the “Power off” option in the Haiku menu shuts down all running processes, then mouse pointer stays locked with the “shutdown” window on the blue background. I know that this laptop is old and recently found out that arrow keys don’t work properly I cn700/n800 thanks to installing Haiku.

Most of the shutdown issues have been resolved; moving out of beta1 milestone. Oldest first Newest first Threaded. Maybe bbjimmy can test his as well. Support for mpeg4 acceleration with xine is underway. Please report what hardware you use so I can undrrstand how to fix this best.

VIA CN, VN UniChrome Display Driver a Driver – TechSpot

It happens with apps open, or with no app running. What hardware is this on? Description After i updated to hrev the OS goes all the way down the screen goes black but the fans keep turning, never experienced this before. Intel Corporation device Replying to Fredrik Holmqvist:.

The maximum image size of the mpeg2 decoder is traphics, so don’t try to use HDTV with this chip.

This means that you cannot use the vsync functionality of some OpenGL programs and mythtv, and EXA acceleration may be slightly less responsive. Please, tell me if you prefeer a new ticket, if you found this is not related to the same issue.

VIA CN700, VN800 Display Driver 20.00.02s

It’s likely to be a Sisyphus task, given how much time I spent on this already. Xv is generally not fast enough to show HDTV.

Replying to Fredrik Holmqvist: I have this shutdown issue on my Asus Eee Pc in hrev The Unichrome Pro group B chips are very similar in support level to the KM, except that for these chips the hardware mpeg2 decoder is supported and is running quite nicely. VX graphics chip is capable [http: Cn700/n800 am not sure if it is smart to add logic for these cases or have it as a configuration flag, gfaphics it is good if as many as possible with problems in recent revisions report in with their hardware.

Intel Corporation device e: This will probably be solved by fixing However, none of the developers have had any decent HDTV output devices or sources for that matter to test the implementation. Download in other formats: Qualcomm Atheros device c: