The Athlon also uses quite a bit of power. Looks like a Zalman universal one. Good luck with yours! This is one place where the Abit really shines above other socket A boards on the market it offers lots of tweaking possibilities. In advanced Chipset features, the memory timing was set to Turbo, Interleave was set to 4 way and CAS latency set to 2, these are the main options for performance setting, they only work with decent quality branded memory, such as Crucial or Mushkin, with cheaper spec memory you may not be able to turn on all the performance settings and still maintain stability. Vantec has two that fit without any permanent modifications: Great range of different occasions component….

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They look nice, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t faid best coolers. In another trend setting move Abit where among the first to include Jumperless setup, all the functions of the motherboard are available within the SoftMenu in the BIOS, this makes setting up the Abit motherboards as painless and easy as possible, fumbling about for tiny jumpers and poring over abti diagram layouts trying to find hidden jumper JP23 has become a thing of the past.

Beyond that I would recommend a stronger PSU. I ran it with a MHz Athlon Thunderbird CPU and it easily got the Tbird up to MHz, obviously this has a lot to do with the choice of CPU, but the Abit board with all it’s tweaks offers the best possible chance of overclocking the CPU and running it successfully, Abit have been loudly touting the 3 phase power circuits built on the k7ta whilst over manufacturers stick with a 2 phase voltage circuit design, the 3 phase power design is supposed to offer better stability under the high current loads of the latest CPU’s and especially the overclocked Tbird’s, and it also offers much better heat dissipation, throughout the boards components.

Google [Bot] and 2 guests. I’m not sure how incompetent you are when you don’t consider this a problem, with a brand new machine. I have a pair of Antec’s version of the orb called “Antec Twister”. You can Pay with: It will only be a problem if I ever decide to sell the boards.


The Item is built to order. Phew with that little bit about RAID over lets see what it means for your computer and the all important Benchmarks. It’s now ended with a PCI based sound card instead which is fine. Supports up to eaid. It was horribly noisy and didn’t cool all that well. Since they’re not worth much anyway, I’m rid really worried about lowering their resale value. I also hated the goofy mounting mechanism for these Zalman northbridge coolers, so I used thermal epoxy instead.

The fan keeps the Northbridge cooler and adds stability at the higher bus speeds offered on the newer boards.

Or should I rather get a Sound Blaster Live! I did, and never had a problem again.

ABIT KT7A-RAID – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KTA Overview – CNET

Please enter the text in the following text field. There is a demo available if you want to try it out.

One of them will fit without modification, but the second cooler doesn’t match up with the V5’s mounting holes so I had to use thermal epoxy on it. I’m thinking of replacing the ABIT north bridge cooler as well the V5’s heatsinks if I successfully obtain one with one of these after-market northbridge coolers from eBay: Looks like a Zalman universal abih. Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic.

Click to find out more. This is one place where the Abit really shines above other socket A boards on the market it offers lots of tweaking abih. I replaced it with a Silverado. P3’s run relatively cool, so I’m not worried about this cooler in my Intel systems. I don’t have to worry about them now or ever again.

If your board is newer than v1. Should they all be replaced then? The only one of my Raic boards that ever gave me problems was my original v1. Click here for a slightly more thorough rundown on RAID. The only slight eaid Abit could make in my eyes would be to offer a wider voltage adjustment within the BIOS maybe up to 1. I’ve also bought two sticks of Mb PC Micron memory modules.