The system is also able to handle collisions – changes of the same contact from both phones. Hi, you can select which contact database you want to synchronize and it looks you selected Gmail one. You can easily review all changes on PhoneCopy website. I’m interessted to use basic version. Is this the case?

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Sync Motorola XT (Droid Ultra Android) with Memotoo

Please reduce number of items on website. Please use “Forgot Password or Username” link which you xt180 find on the home page. Next time, after the “slow sync” will be “fast sync” and it transfers only changes from phone or server, therefore it is faster then the previous one.

Because you selected “WhatsApp” contacts database which contains only names. You can easily review all changes on PhoneCopy website.

Motorola XT1080 Black 16gb Verizon Droid Ultra Smartphone

I would like to get rid of those, i. Hi, you can select which contact database you want to synchronize and it looks you selected Gmail one.

It is general settings of your android phone. Hi, we didn’t find any synchronized device to your online PhoneCopy. You have solve this issue with YouTube. Corrals, Sunsets, and Wetlands I really need them bipashaa. Farmers market on plaza at Boston Public Market.

Are they stored somewhere else? He tried it several times at home with full WLAN connection. Please use Lost Password link from home page. Please contact your servis or operator. Press the three dots in the right bottom corner and pick settings. After first sync, it is possible that the contacts go to Deleted items on the server. Please, I have Nokia x, I have been using Phonecopy for sometime on it.

Motorola Droid Ultra XT > Device Library

Sometimes app moyorola detect empty contact database. Android has several contact databases and you can select which one you want to synchronize to PhoneCopy.

I deleted 2 devices, still getting the same failure message, “The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago. The solution of your problem is ot restore contacts from Deleted Contacts folder.

Motorola – Xt1080

In the app I did a combine both, only to find that the server contacts were deleted afterwards! Can you more specify which kind of problems? It looks like that your issue is gone. We are Cloud solution.

Hi, what android version you have installed? It looks like the sync is only working on SMS and contacts. Please follow our guide https: But feel your request as privacy problem.

What error message you are receiving? It can take few minutes until the account is unlocked.

Hi, please go to settings in your PhoneCopy application and there you can select device from which you want restore pictures and videos. I’m loving this app But how about the SMS? PhoneCopy groups are tool to define which group of contacts you want to synchronize to which device.