Originally Posted by bobleworm. All times are GMT When and if you do get it working, I’d appreciate it if you’d give this template a try and tell me if it works: But it only send the impulse of the signal. Any softwares recognize my motif xs. Could you bring any help? However i still have the same problem in protools.

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However I was able to get to the midi testing page as anvil studio was able to read the cable midi However I am uncertain if it is setup correctly — So far from what I know, it says from that test these messages: Next you will create a track layout.

You appear to have an XS8, based on your avatar picture.

Tue May 25, You will see “Motif 6,7,8” as options. All replies Drop Down menu.

In Cubase this will be a. I managed to get into midi configuration correctly thanks sierra! Really annoying when recording. However i’ve tried different settings directly on the xs8 and it didn’t work. Posted on Feb 10, 4: Music helps not the toothache.

Port 1 is your main port. Once you create a user profile on Motifator and update with the appropriate information, the updates shown here will be specific to you.

I am wondering what to do or what I should do or if I posted in the wrong section of the forum about what is going on. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. The driver for the Motif is installed, and the mac can find it on the Mac’s integrated Midi-setup. I guess thats a good sign.

It is declared as a HUI peripheral and i have assigned it to the structure port 1-A however it is not receiving any sounds. This will be your own personal preference.

Us can use any of the pre-made Templates or you can create your own. Your audio interface maybe different or you may not yet have one at all… use the driver that is appropriate for your interface. If so I’m lost. Chapter 3 is very useful, starting at 3.

Logic Pro Help

You can customize these instructions to your own preferences. OK, I don’t think that I left anything out This makes it a little easier to identify in Logic. I motkf the issue is with the midi configuration. Find all posts by DonaldM.

Logic and Yamaha Motif XS8 – Logic Pro Help

Yeah it has worked before just fine on my macbook pro and I used those daws before with minimal to no problems, I even had the daw type set to “Logic” On my yamaha and it worked fine with pro tools and bitwing and ableton and other similar daws, I just am unsure what my yamaha is doing possibly to make reaper not have any sound or midi play.

W0lfgang – 14 June Because at some point you may actually start a project in the Motif XF — say you have a quick idea and want to get it down fast. This is pretty cool….

There are two things to consider: Tue Dec 13, The strange thing is that it works perfectly fine on logic pro.