Click to add your remarks or comments! Mini Scan Eye Description. Now you can actually make use of the inbuilt character combination function and combine both characters into 1 single character. The best input and translation device Connects to the USB port and bundle in a 3 in 1 function of scan, recognition and translation Multiple language recognition system Recognize Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, English and Japanese languages. Its ergonomic design makes it work well for both right-handed and left-handed people. However the concept is the same.

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Scan away effortlessly with its transparent scan tip. Scan in your desired text, which will then generate the result box with your scanning result mii inside the box. Penpower Chinese Expert 1 2 3 4. You also can edit some specific vocabulary into your own user-defined dictionary or edit your own English translation. Please enter your city. The result box can store up to characters.

Select the style of Chinese in the targeted scanning results Use English Message: You can use hanyu pinyin, zhuyin or strokes when you write an essay or a report in Chinese.

Hit Enter and the system will present the explanation in English. Click on the fifth button from the left and you will notice that your English char- acters will be converted to the opposite case.

Different configuration will yield different results when scanning. Mini Scan Eye Description. Character Combination When the strokes in a character are distanced too far from one another, they are usually recognised as different characters rather than 1 character.

In the translation software, you will notice other buttons which perform the following functions as illustrated below: In the top left hand corner, input the text to be translated and explained in the field and click on to translate.

When using Mini Scaneye in Balloon UI, all scanning results will be directly transferred to the desired application, as opposed to having a result box as discussed in previous chapters. Penpower Mini Scaneye is able to scan and recognize one row of characters at any time, please place the pen in such a way that the centre marker is at the cen- tre of the character.

Smart toolbar Provide you with smart toolbar, you can click any button you need. Click on Finish to end the installa- tion.

Go to the Property tab scaenye choose your desired text direction under Orientation. The characters that the pen has passed through will be recognized and the sxaneye will be directly passed into your desired word processor. On the top left hand comer, enter the English word that you want to look up in the dic- tionary and hit Enter. Multiple language translation Send the scanning words or sentences directly to the language translation websites and instantly see their translation by one click.

Go to the Property tab.

mini scaneye ii driver

Sophisticated Design Scan away effortlessly with the lightweight Mini Scaneye at 35g with the pen shape de- sign. Go to General and you will see an option called Sound, where it allows you to choose between None, Mandarin or Cantonese.

Scan the characters W-W. This is a temporary stor- age area for your scanning results. Click on m 2.

Mini Scan Eye price in Pakistan, PenPower in Pakistan at

Besides, the karaoke feature makes it even better by showing you which word is being played during text-to-speech process, so you can practice your pronunciation on your own with visual guide. Let you Learn Chinese anytime anywhere.

If the computer mjni not auto-run the cd, you can go to D: The installation process will run and it will prompt you to restart the computer when the installa- tion process is finished. If you did not insert the Penpower Mini Scaneye cd, Windows will not be able to find the driver.

Penpower Chinese Expert let you review real pronunciation at any time and enhance your listening. Choose the destination folder to install the software. Character Input 3.