A0 of Marvell controller, use ImageA0. I tried it using the command “go -r” under DOS but I have been unsuccessful so far some versions seem to dump nothing at all, while other versions make it look like they want to flash my chip – so I aborted. It is better to check after a reboot. Now I deleted 1b4b: But this also means that it might require a custom firmware. NVMe mod succesfully works but not in 1. Koutech HBA based on this chip:

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Storage SSD – PCIE SATA Controllers – Products – Marvell

It might be just a communication or settings problem. Thu Oct 01, 6: Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: Tue Dec 22, 1: Only black screen is displayed while it hangs there. Forums New posts Search forums.

Spam Netiquette Form other This post mafvell unwanted Spam. Odd thing is that I cannot find more info on this part number or model, even not on MSI official site!

Driver Downloads Download the latest Marvell drivers for your specific device or application. But I will say this again: The size is not that important, the first images had padding to fill the chip for programming use to not receive size warningswhile these ones are at the normal size for flasher. Zitat von lordkag im Beitrag The ID change was already known, if you had searched before.

PCIe 2.0 SATA Controllers

You must log in or register to reply here. I edited my post per your recommendations. But it doesn’t hurt to flash an image with Firmware, it won’t be used if it is not needed.

But this also means that it might require a custom firmware. There are some backup modules in mainboard BIOS, try to see if there is an option to load those instead. I have never updated the firmware and it appears to be a pretty old one: I speak Russian a bit That might be, and might not.

Ethics Supplier Responsibility Environment Community. Also thought of buying a second card and just copying the flash from it. For example there is the mess with the Device IDs which I have described in this post: Ofcourse I don’t have any backup of the original image that was on the card Any help from you Marvell gurus is highly appreciated! One other problem could arise from mixing components from different firmware versions. Pcif occasionally make acceptable parts, but they aren’t premium hardware.

Storage SSD – SATA Controllers – PCIe – Products – Marvell

Okay, got some progress! Now it is in the state that it prevents computer from booting up if installed to a pci-e slot.

I contgoller try your images and post back the results. But, on the other hand, and do have those details while being just AHCI. Joined Jan 28, Messages Thanks 1. Tue Dec 22, If the controller is not seen by the Marvell flasher any more, probably so. And this is later with your image on a different system: So you’re pointing out the following: