Help Center Find new research papers in: Folke “I t””H,,-” Dedication to Dr. This, like the other illustrations of the Stuttgart Psalter, reflects contemporary musical usage ; that is, native, barbaric or rather pagan tradition soon after it was modified by the spread of the gospel, while our previous example from the Bible of Charles the Bald leans on earlier pictorial representation, thus reflecting an earlier stage of the transformation of the instrument. And Jean de Maris Speculum Musicae, beginning of the 14th century mentions in his list of instrumenta artificilia, side by side: Here again a decorative superstructure reminds us of the yoke, and the curving arms of the kithara are retained in the enor- mous ornamental wings.

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The relief with the citterns shows two specimens: The shoulders are set sharply away from the body, and two wooden “wings” reach out from there into space. For this purpose a programming language is required that is able to generate native x86 or kitnara machine code, e. However this may be, the crucial basee remains: Nevertheless, all throughout the sixteenth century the cittern was a fashionable instrument. Orchestral Compositions f or Irmgard Otto [Berlin] 8.

These wings carry merely decorative kithara arms, and the kithara yoke is replaced by a large ornamental and non-functional superstructure. The same shape is shown in the cittern in the fore- ground of Frans Floris’s famous allegorical engraving of ‘ Musica’.

Yet a thousand years still separate this Quattrocento spectre of the ancient kithara from the time in late antiquity when the kithara was still in vogue. Processing of hardware interrupts at the application or kernel level Use of the operating system mechanisms for interrupt processing By using the RealTime Modules interrupts of PCI or PCIe Hardware can be processed Further information ….

Folke “I t””H,-” Dedication to Dr.

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The third cittern has large scrolls at the shoulders and a larger projection at the bottom of the body, baae almost forms a base. The names for old musical instruments are very confusing.

A similar pseudo-guitar is seen in the hands of one of the bqse in Raffaellino del Garbo’s ‘Madonna’ in the Museum Dahlem, Berlin Pl. Vincenzo Terenzio [Foggia] 40 Section Four: Remember me on this computer.

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Modern investigations have shown, with almost general consent, that the drawings of the Utrecht Psalter are based on much earlier models, probably Eastern, and quite possibly Alexandrian, antedating the conquest of Alexandria.

In the upper of the two half-opened shelves, there leans a large bulky cittern with a rather deep body of strongly curved outline, and a beautiful gothic soundhole rosette. The horizontal line of the shoulders is much broader than that of the Monte Oliveto cittern, and again supports large wings.

I won’t argue with the dinner-pot, but I basw to see why an open-air occupation should exclude the use of a plectrum. The survival of the kithara and the evolution of the English cittern: And with this in mind, kithaea us continue our voyage back towards antiquity. But rather than quote from treatises I would prefer to point out the impact of musical archaeology upon instrument building, as it is reflected in the visual arts.

Praetorius’ Syntagma,shows cittems with small buckles; similarly Frans Floris’ engraving, An Allegory of Music. Skip to main content.

Johannes de Grocheo c. Serial communication in real-time by special hardware drivers on UART compatible hardware Signal and handshake lines can be controlled directly Handler for all interface events in real-time Alternative API for all Windows-based COM ports provided without real-time Further information ….

But this was only one of many ways in kithars the shape of the ancient kithara was borrowed and, with more or less fantasy, trans- formed by the artists of the Quatro- and Cinquecento. From Microfilm fo Micro.

These “renaissances”, produced by deliberate and conscious selection from antiquity, are not the only form of borrowing from the past. Proceeding from here backward kithraa history, the following preserved specimens or depictions of citterns may be singled out as specimens revealing its evolution. Sebastian Virdung, in his Musica Getutschtdoes not mention the cittern at all; nor does the versifier ofVirdung’s work, Martin Agricola, in his Musica Instru- mentalis Deudsch Despite the rusticity of the scene, the musician uses a plectrum’!

The solution is, to transfer the time-critical code into a DLL, which will be loaded directly into the real-time context at the kernel level. One of them plays a strange instrument [Plate 66]: