Locate the file you want to play, and double click to open it up in its associated program application. To find out how to play the games, read the on-screen Help file. Capturing still images or recording videos 1. Drag Click once Tap twice and hold the quickly and hold the item, and then use item, and your finger then move on the your finger The Joybook Lite will connect to the BenQ server directly.

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Safety information about the battery Caution: Windows to adjust the setting manually.

DWA Wireless N USB Adapter | D-Link UK

For details, please consult your network administrator. Check the volume control speaker icon in the notification area located in the lower right corner of the desktop to see if the volume has been muted. For restoring the system: You may be requested to enter a passkey for both devices.

Available if your model comes with bundled applications Continue to create a factory default Application and Driver DVD. Place the battery on its original position 1and then slide If the memory module is not installed properly, your Joybook Lite may not boot properly. For network connection, refer to “Connecting to the networks” on page Page 67 Latviski Hrvatski 1.

Recovering Your System Using Qdatatrove 1. Enter the BIOS setup during drvice startup, and set the optical drive as the first boot device. Right-click the Start button and then select Open.

Drivers >>> JACK Wireless Device U101B driver

Your Joybook Lite comes with an Lithium-ion Li-ion battery pack. Slide “Battery retainer B” to the unlock position 1 and, while still holding the retainer, pull the battery away from its compartment 2.

Getting Started Getting started Getting your Joybook Lite Depending on the model of your Joybook Lite, the appearance may be different from the illustrations shown in this manual. When connecting to a local network, the connection is unstable.

Right-click anywhere in the open area on the desktop and http: Double-click Wireless Network Connections. Double-click the Programs folder and then the Startup folder. Before you start using “Magic-i Visual Effects”, click and input the values to change the settings appropriately by dragging the scroll bars.

The Bluetooth device is now connected to your Joybook Lite. If this does not fix the problem, then the battery, the power source in your Joybook Lite, or the AC power cord may be defective.

Main menu The Main menu contains the basic configuration settings of the system and shows some system information, such as the BIOS version, CPU type and speed, and the system memory, etc. When the battery indicator on your Joybook Lite wirelesx off, it means that the battery has reached a saturated voltage: BenQ Corporation makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any warranties, merchantability or wireoess for any particular purpose.

Repeat Step 2 to Step 6 to complete the disc burning process. Front components 1 Built-in microphone Receives sounds and voices for recording.

Left Side View Left side view Left-side components pin D-sub video jack For connecting external display devices, such as Power jack monitors and projectors. Page jacm 67 Go.

Declaration of Conformity For the following equipment: Connecting to external display devices Connecting to a VGA display device You can output Joybook I101b video signal to an external display device, such as a projector or monitor. The BIOS settings are needed by the Joybook Lite to identify the types of installed devices and establish special features. Exposure of battery to extreme heat may result in an explosion. Disconnect the power adapter and turn over your Joybook Lite.