I documented it on my blog and gave you credit: Outside of the blue layer I had to use clippers to get it out , there was a black layer also. D since it uses an internal clock generator. With the cables with the PL chip an external power supply is necessary to power the device that you wish to connect the cable to. Press several keys on the keyboard. This thread is locked. I did not unsolder them for fear of breaking some unknown connection, rather I simply clipped them at their pads.

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The BiT Bang Theory

Get a seial blog at WordPress. Carrington Theme by Crowd Favorite. Both were physically moleded around the circuit board so I managed to break the wires. The difference is that with the cable with the ArkMicro chip you can power the the device that you connect the cable to with 3.

IDEAS: USB-UART console using old nokia DKU-5 datacable. (v TTL)

Press several keys on the keyboard. Make sure none of the wires are touching one another! My cable appears to have been constructed differently — see pics: In reply to scoobyman’s post on March 22, The device when attached to window7 it gets COM5 and recognized by windows…you can see the pictures in the following thread.

Here is the finished FTDI cable: Carefully cut away the plastic casing and strip udb horrible dark gray plastic off the chip on the USB end. Repeat the previous steps for the pin 7 wire RxD. My new Arduino USB cable worked great!

The extraneous wires are colored red and green. So looks like I will do manual resets for now!

Low Cost (1,85€) USB to RS LVTTL Serial Cable – The BiT Bang Theory

I did not unsolder them for fear of breaking some unknown connection, rather I simply clipped them at their pads. Just saw your post on the Arduino forums. The LED should blink serrial couple times.

At what point should I connect my phone and which cable should I use? So even though the cable puts out only 3. Victor March 15, at 2: After several installation attempts, I just found out, via the “Performance and Maintenance” tab Hardware section that my cable was listed, not among the Usb devices but as a device connected to a port COM 4!!! Sku probe each of the phone connectors pins with the red probe until your meter beeps. A resettable fuse is highly recommended.

What version of pc suite supports a dku-5 usb cable ?

In the first order I made I got a cable with an ArkMicro chip inside and a 6-wire cable and in the second order I got 4 cables with a Prolific PL chip and a 3-wire cable. If not you should recheck your setup. If you hold the button too long Arduino will eventually give up and report that the programmer is unavailable.

The PL cables definitely get the job done though. In reply to manta’s post on March 24, I wish they could do bitbang. When attempting to program, the DTR pin does go low, but it stays low, keeping the Arduino in reset instead of actually resetting the Arduino. This may or may not cause a timing problem when uploading.

I looked into this, but my memory is a bit hazy on the details. Have you ever needed a USB to RS converter to connect to your microcontroller for serial communications?

The picture is deceptive; things are much smaller than they appear!