Attach the red cable to the pin 6 wire TxD. This means the maximum current your circuits should draw is mA minus the current required by your cables circuitry. D, and it can only be programmed once. So even though the cable puts out only 3. Stay in touch with the conversation, subscribe to the RSS feed for comments on this post. How satisfied are you with this response? Your cable may not have a pin 3 or pin 4 wire.

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Precautions Never work on a live circuit!

Ex-Link Cable for C/D/E Series and BD players – SamyGO

I would segial the exact same thing, but 3. Hi Thomson, Thanks for the reply. But it’s out of the specification Just as I was considering cutting up a USB phone cable, I realised that I had a full-blown Linux system with a handily accessible serial port that runs at […].

Plug the cable in. Get a free blog at WordPress.

I read the thread and it appears you discovered the problem was caused by a USB extension cable. This means the maximum current your circuits should draw is mA minus the current required by your cables circuitry.

Unfortunately this cable is not that easy to find anymore so buying one of the other USB-to-serial cables are recommended. Author Write something about yourself. But HyperTerminal is also very nice, but not free.

However, this has caused some confusion, as most instructions showing how to build the 3. If you want to do serial communication with the ATmega you need to put code on it to do so. How satisfied are you with this reply?

As the TV uses 3. Establish which core is connected to which pin on the Nokia connector end Nokia “pop port” using your continuity tester.

Nokia pop-port LIKE-DKU-5 or CA-42 cable schematic pinout

In reality, when I look at the bottom of the board it does not appear as such. Try it and see. April 27,7: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. There are slightly cheaper alternatives, but a real scrooge googles on.

So it sounds like you already have 5V brought out to the end of your cable. Nov 07, Want to watch this again later. Thus its a definite advantage to buy a pre-fabricated USB-to-serial converter using 3. Indeed, they are also work with 5v without issue on my tests.

I do not know how this garbage values comes. The important thing to understand is that most new Nokia phones that have a possibility to connect a cable are real USB devices, but some are not, although physically you connect the phone in PC side to USB port. This may or may not cause a timing problem when uploading. My arduino recognises both the sent values and garbage with LCD display…. Wear an anti-static wrist strap.

Nokia Dku-5 Serial Cable – mattersapp

If you release the button too soon the bootloader will timeout before the program gets a chance to be uploaded and you will get an error. Make sure none of the other wires are touching one another! Victor March 14, at 8: Attach the black cable to the wire which corresponds pin 8 GND. I have attcah the resistors 1K, 10K and 15K as per your scheme.

So DKU-2 cable will not work with your phone.