Hey Davide where did you buy the t-tops? I modified the stock circuit by replacing all the signal capacitors with higher grade Mallory caps. Jul 22, Messages: It’s been a while, and I’m a bit rusty. It’s a Hiwatt in every respect except that I built it in April from a kit purchased from Vintage Hiwatt Restorations. Have you tried the “I was driving by the guitar shop with the window open and a big gust of wind blew the guitar into the car.

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Please give yourself a refresher on the forum rules you agreed to follow when you signed up. Mar 9, Messages: The amp was turned up quite loud.

Then buy yourself a guitar the same day. May 4, Messages: Go to – http: I know it’s fun to just select whatever amps you’ve owned previously or been interested in but it just adds unneeded complexity. My band probably this monday will gone ’cause we are not able to find a singer and the bassman is tired about this situation Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell: What was the improvement with putting manlius in? With these tubes I think that you will not have the need to change them.

Nov 22, Messages: Nov 20, Messages: Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk. Looks much cooler then my lightyellow one.

Effectrode pc 2a

Tonight we are going to play together maybe for the last time with my voice recorded over the backing sequences Great PAF type pickups! Feb 10, Messages: We are using a Strat played without a pick into a Fender Princeton amp.

The Effectrode Delta-Trem Tremolo pedal was designed to relieve the shortcomings of vintage amp vibrato circuits. It is not really a question of money, but she really doesn’t understand how I can need so many guitars and davv9rock for such a miserable result!!!!

I’ve tested it few minuts at home in my lunch break You know what it means right?

In the future the best improvement will be a complete by pass of the POD unit with the adding an external Midi Controller, but at the moment I don’t need it and also I don’t have money eheh!!! Which AC30 do you have? Btw, your ACTone looks goldcoloured?

stratocaster plus 88, & hiwatt maxwatt

Or do you bypass everything on the HD and use that as a midi controller if it can be done with the limited midi features?

They have a dark charakter and tends to dull the sound. I use the POD as a midi controller. It sounds like a boxer punching you in the face – in a good way.

Hi Tone DG Guitar straight into amp with one cord. Rack units are a bit of a grey area admittedly. Faithfully modeled after one of the most sought after studio compressors in history, the PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier puts the silky, smooth sound of this highly Off topic – but some more drive pedals, definitely a Klon I know you can get close dv9rock, but also the Original Marshall Guv’nor, that into a Plexi is just immense!

Very,very sorry to hear that Davide!: We are so excited to announce that the worlds’ best selling talkbox from rocktronusa is back in stock!