Remove the paper feed roller cover. Contact your authorized local dealer to replace the power adapter or main board. Use for batches of same-sized documents. Please replace the ADF pad and reset the pad count. Hold the output paper tray some 30 degrees aslant as shown in Figure

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Take out the ADF pad module from the box. Pull the paper out of the ADF unit carefully.

Technical service – Avision AV3200SU (300500001/300500002) User Manual

Your scanner is now ready for use. Tell us about it. Therefore, during scanning, the numbers of pages been scanned on the scanner is somehow different with the numbers of pages displayed on your computer screen. Contact your authorized local dealer to replace the power adapter or main board. Choose your desired file format from the File Format drop down list box.

Fixed to Transport This feature allows you to define the area or zone to be imaged. This setting assigns a specific “device ID” to the scanner.

Release the paper tray gently. Page 67 Background Setting This option allows you to set your scan background.

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The range is from 1 to minutes. There are several different methods of performing this conversion. Turn off the scanner again while the scanning unit moved to the end for a few seconds. Trouble shooting The scanner will automatically perform a simple self-test each time it is turned on. This is useful for documents where a photograph, or signature appears in a consistent area on the document such as resumes, and so on.

Other brands and product names herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Remove the paper feed roller cover. For example, change your resolution, image type, cropping method, scan size, or other scan settings.

Place the document to be scanned onto the document glass face down. Trademarks Microsoft is a U.

Avision AVSU (/) : Instruction Manual

The default is 15 minutes. Reinsert the paper feed roller cover and snap it into place. Adjust your scan image brightness or darkness. The possibilities are as follows: ADF roller cover 4.

The resolution is measured by dots per inch dpi. Close Click the Close acision to leave the Scanner Properties dialog box. To load a profile, 1. Choose the profile you want to delete from the dropdown list box. In this case, the thumbnail view will be disabled. Filter Threshold This value is used to determine the color which will be dropped out.

Enter the value from 0 to 5 mm. OverScan Overscan allows you to add a specific margin at top and bottom or right and left Options vary based on the type of scanner of the edge of the image. Drag the slider to the right or left to increase or decrease the contrast. Rotate Image Choose the rotation angle from the drop down list if you wish to rotate your scanned image.

For example, pages from newspaper clipping, paper with wrinkles or curls.