It would be very helpful for those of us that are not experienced in this area. It’s very simple–just replace one file. With this modification, you can re-enable those 4 extra pipelines and gain a substantial increase in fill-rate. I have the same problem described also with “Ready driver plus”.. Also, you would likely have to perform the hard mod eventually to keep up with driver updates. Is it possible to enable only 5, 6 or 7 pipelines?

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Oct 17, Posts: Someone has an idea to solve? I have a His Excalibur Radeon so I am not sure which card to softmod upto. I’ll have to build my courage for this atj. There is always a chance that the BIOS flash will not work through power fluctuations, corrupted downloads or acts of god. This has already been performed on the card in my System 2.

Ati Softmod

Attempting this modification on any ATI video adapter besides the ATI Radeon will produce undesirable results, such as random crashes or a non-booting operating system.

Because softmos this, even cards from the same batch don’t soft-mod the same, as each card has a different chance of successfully soft-modding. My cart is a radeon What the soft mod does is unlock those 4 other pipelines. Worked great for me, no artifacts as long as I keep the clock speeds reasonable.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. If sotfmod is correct, go one dir up and modify.

I installed dseo 1. Your name or email address: Powered with ill-gotten helium.

It would be very helpful for those of us that are not experienced in this area. Take the script from this thread with 8. It runs and I have so uninstalled “Ready driver plus”! Just hadn’t been reading up on the mod for several months.

Did you just purchase the card new? Did the softmod on a Sapphire MB Help would be appreciated. Glad to hear it. Wed Jan 29, 5: Click OK and the driver should install. Is there anyway to add applications so that the too benefit from the new drivers?

Most say speculatively that they MB wasn’t manufactured with the bit bus for long and future cards will not be able to convert to a Is it possible to enable only 5, 6 or 7 pipelines? It still won’t help me, will it?

Then try the software OC from softmodd Omega driver. Find the firegl that you want to mod your radeon into and modify it’s Device ID with your cards Device ID [b]Be aware that normal and Secondary adapter deviceID’s usually differ in third digit. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

CGTalk | [HowTo] Ati Radeon -> Ati FireGL (softmod)

Here are the results with the new atiogl. Article updated to reflect the new patched Catalyst 3.

I wouldn’t imagine so if it is nothing more than a driver version, but you guys are the experts. Do you already have an account?