Yes, it is true that pointing the cursor on the top of the screen gives control on it through the trackpad, but it doesn’t last for more than 2 minutes or so. Found x and y relative axes [ I don’t own a USB keyboard or mouse and don’t really want to make the purchase. Adding scrollwheel support [ Anyhow running latest rasbian, on a revision 2 raspi board, on a fully upgraded distro, with a brand new RII mini wireless 2. Surprising it didn’t work, it’s worked in all Distros I tried so far. Holiday Deals Inland 2.

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The very same pc monitor to which both ubuntu and RPi are connected is set by Ubuntu at x, and by Raspian at x of resolution.

ghz Rii Mini keyboard trackpad issues – Raspberry Pi Forums

I also use it via a powered hub. It is really sad I had been waiting this keboard to come from China, and when it has arrived to my home I trusted that it would have worked, since in every Web page about this product, it’s told that it’s fully compatible with Linux systems.

Found relative axes [ Putting it back caused the Pi to reset itself not sure if this is normal behaviour but when it re-started the trackpad was working fine. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPadiPhone 4.

iPazzPort KP-810-10A User Manual – Download

On Sale Samsung Galaxy Tab After starting startx, I was able to move the pointer with the though pad. Click on the hyperlink under to read more Descriptions of kpp-810-10a e- e book and get the premium access now.! Possibly try something with raspi-config changing keyboard settings- mine was not on there so I’m not sure what to do.

Wii Powerboard Video Games. I am prompted with a graphical login and, by the ankr I type user and password, the cursor is suddenly stuck at the bottom of the screen. Should you ‘re interested to be taught: I am going to chase data about it.

Seems to work fine on my win7 machine. But I don’t see anything like that for rasbian. It is not interference from WiFi or bluetooth, as I also have both these types of dongle installed.

It works fine for me on latest Raspbian. This site is a participant in the Amazon Kp-81-10a Program Services LLC, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by providing advertising, and links to amazon.

I’m experiencing exactly the same thing- cursor gets stuck at bottom of screen, tried different fixes, didn’t work.

This was tested on kp-810-10z, since here we are given a text login and we write startx on the shell; the Fedora 17 has an automatic X start. Can someone with kp-80-10a bit more knowledge give us help?

Found keys [ Found x and y relative axes [ Buy today to avoid disappointment. Hopefully you will satisfied with: I can still move it left to right, just not up. Most of the times I try to use the trackpad, the cursor will jump down to the bottom of the screen and become stuck. Look Check Price HP 2. Vendor 0xc45 Product 0x [ Rii Touch N7 2.

iPazzPort KP-810-10A User Manual

Palm Sized Mini 2. Wnker Foundation” [ Adding scrollwheel support [ I am pretty sure this problem can be solved by tweaking the xorg config.

I tried removing the usb dongle and and put it back in as cito suggested. Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3.