Get laptop video card drivers from nvidia forceware Deihmos I tryed that to Double click the driver file to extract it. One of these Hot Fixes improves stability for memory intensive DirectX 10 applications on graphics cards with greater than MB of memory. Lemme get this correct: Another one is its loading up but stuck so I ctrl alt delete it and then the computer fully crashes. So what about XP users with same error? How do I upgrade these drivers?

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I have tried many different drivers, both with and without modified INF files. Posted September 3, I have 64 vista home premium andall drivers for it.

Gears gave me the same message for the drivers and all I did was update it to latest ones and it runs great. I downloaded these Thanks for link, my Vidta and new copy of Bioshock thanks you. Just do a google search for it.


When I start the game, it starts out half way on the screen the other half off. I’ve held off on the Window’s hotfix as yet because vlsta other games work fine, including Bioshock which works a treat!

Help me plz for the love of god. So what about XP users with same error?

Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. My game is playing pretty well now and I don’t think I want to mess with anything perhaps when the visfa service pack comes out I’ll update drivers, etc.

If you already got the latestdrivers from the Dell website then ignore the message. BioShock has amazing graphics that uses advanced smoke, water effects and soft shadows that really start to show off assets that DirectX 10 graphics cards can offer gamers.

I have exactly the same problem. Posted September 2, I tried all of this in safe mode too. Testing the Latest Three Drivers Page 3: The first hotfix improves multi-GPU performance and can be found here: Nubbing, what do you mean by 3 registered? It looks like the nvlddmkm. StyledEthreal Follow Forum Posts: Posted October 6, edited.

Despite most of the false rumurs floating around on the net, 4gb is not actually a “”problem” for gamers or home users altogether for that matter.

ArmA: Troubleshooting Vista – Bohemia Interactive Community

Medal of honor airborne and bioshock arent working properly and it seems I need latest drivers. I have the exact same card. Lemme get this correct: Drivers are usually not backwards compatible. Problem is that latest drivers won’t support M GT.

What should I do? So I got the drivers, and the customized INF file, and it seems to install the drivers If I go to the Add Hardware wizard and point it to the INF, it acts as though it installed, but the drivers box is empty afterwards.

nVIDIA ForceWare Beta Drivers 163.44 for Windows Vista 32bit

Double click the driver file to extract it. You need to be a member in order to leave viata comment. Now that you mention your laptop, I actually have the same laptop — Nvidia forceware I need to install the